Janwen Elenvir

Human cook


Middle aged human woman, kindly, with a slightly stained apron. Always has a smile for those around. Her auburn hair is perpetually messy, as if she is too busy to be bothered with it.


Lan‘s mother had a fling with a flashy traveling elf named Ainthal, that Lan has never met. Ainthal is somewhere in between a merchant, a gypsy and a bard, making his living on the road. Only once since Lan’s birth has Janwen seen him again, but she kept the knowledge of each other from the two, trying to avoid complications.

She raised Lan to be strong and kind. Finally, left Evralas when it was destroyed. Now lives in Caer Tarielve, cooking at the fine establishment, The Triumphant Serpent


Janwen Elenvir

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