The world of Adrion holds many wonders and a long history. Many kingdoms exist here. Some war with one another, some maintain longstanding peace through ageless alliances. But Kings can’t own that which they can’t control. Barbarians, Pirates… The world belongs to those with the resources to impose their own will. But if one thing is certain, it’s that time changes all things. Espionage, war, love, riches…what awaits the brave entrepids willing to explore and investigate Adrion’s mysteries? Only time will tell…

This is my first legitimate attempt at an original campaign. We adhere to the V 3.5 core rule books almost explicitly with exception made to smooth any cumbersome gaming mechanics. Well developed characters and in-depth role playing is the goal of this campaign right out of the gate. I hope to have the players develop the story and create the environment in which their PCs inhabit.

Age of Insurrection

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